How I lost my 17.2K following in an instant...

The night of December 5th I stayed up late working, as most of us makers are doing this time of year. Before going to sleep, I went to get onto social media to respond to messages and make a post before going to bed. I looked at my phone and only to realize it was after midnight.. I open the facebook app and I'm met with a notification that my account was disabled. The notification states that I have violated community standards & that if I disagree I have 30 days to respond. Well, of course I disagree.. what could I have possibly done that violated community standards? So I click the appropriate buttons, upload the appropriate documentation, and then get to a page that lets me know it'll update me in approximately 24 hours. 

I immediately head to instagram thinking oh god.. please let this only be facebook. Welp.. it was not only facebook. Same notification.. same prompts.. same process.. same result.. 

I go to bed extremely anxious and hoping somehow it was a glitch and it'll all just go back to normal when I wake up. Wishful thinking for sure. I attempted to log in when I woke up and was greeted with the same notifications.. until around noon. Around noon I was met with "We cannot review the decision to disable your account. Your facebook account was permanently disabled because it did not follow our community standards. We can't review this decision."

And following that, instagram says my account is suspended and to request a review on facebook. 

At this point, I am feeling very little hope that I'll get my accounts back. I started a new account, @agaveandpine_co to try to rebuild. This does not mean I'm giving up. But I simply cannot sit around and wait with no ability to grow or connect with other makes, customers, DIYers, & friends. 

To clarify, this is not just my business account that was disabled, it's both personal and business on both facebook and instagram. How on earth can all of those go down because one of those supposedly did something against standards? Nothing about this is right.. 



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