Losing my accounts & what I've learned so far...

So, it appears I've been hacked. When I went to log in to facebook, I was immediately prompted that my account was disabled. This was WITHIN the app. I had no reason to think it wasn't legit.. this is a screenshot of what I was met with.

I clicked that blue button at the bottom assuming I'd go through the steps and it would be corrected.. boy, was I wrong. With the help of another maker, I was led to this post by @missrusticarrow who had a VERY similar thing happen to her.. I then found her next update, hacked part 2, which gave some hope. 

But just as I had felt before, this proves that you NEED a connection to be able to do anything. You need to get in touch with a human in order for any corrective action to be taken, but humans are impossible to get in touch with unless you or someone you know has a personal connection.  
screenshot of my hacked facebook account 

I am still fighting, I am still searching for answers.. but in the meantime I am SO grateful for the community I have been connected with. 

When people say "it's not about the number of followers" they're 1,000% correct. It's not about the number.. I am devastated to have lost of 17K followers, but they weren't just a number, they were people, friends, customers, supporters.  They were my people, my community, that I worked so hard to build. Losing my account has shown me how strong that community truly is. I went from 0 to 500 followers on my new account in just over 24 hours. That took months to do when I first started my business.. but the community I've built over the past two years is strong, and they're still here. I am still working to rebuild but the momentum from the start has been so powerful. 

I am so grateful to every single person who has found me at @agaveandpine_co & is following along, sharing, and supporting! You all mean the world to me and I hope you know that!

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