Moving on up

When I first started in November, I was working outside in my yard.. as it got colder, that became less and less feasible. I moved into a sectioned off part of our shed. I had a tarp hung to attempt to block the sawdust from everything else, which just was not ideal. 

In December, we took the plunge and bought a second shed just for ME! Just for my shop. I moved in and made it my own space. It wasn't huge, but with some organizational hacks learned from other makers, a custom built workbench that I build one afternoon, and a spray paint table set up outside, I made it work. I've been in that shed since the beginning of January. On our coldest days, I was bundled up with the space heater as close to me as possible, and on our hottest days I spent as little time out there as I possibly could. I'd occasionally get up around 4am to get my shop time in before the heat hit just to catch up..

A few days ago, I started the transition to a new shop. A GARAGE! Is it temperature controlled? No.. but it's spacious, it's got a huge garage door for ventilation, it's got a ceiling fan and a full sized window, it's mostly insulated, and it's MINE! 

Our move is still in progress, so currently shop time is limited and my time is consumed by helping the toddler adjust while making this place a home.. but I'm so excited to share the space with you all once it's ready! 

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Thank you for helping to make this move happen. Thank you for shopping small & supporting dreams!

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